Easter ’09 photos…

Posted by espenpre on 4:53 PM in My life

You can see some photos from my Easter in Vikersund, Norway on my flickr account, or here on my page!

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Some new features…

Posted by espenpre on 6:39 AM in My life

I hope that you like my new look here on my page, but there will probably still be some changes made! If you have ideas, send them over and I’ll see if I can use them :) ! Some of the new stuff so far:

Tag Cloud:
In my sidebar you can see a tag cloud. This is a new plug inn I have installed! Its basically a list of all the tags I have made on posts, and if you see something interesting in the “cloud” you can click it, and it will take you to the post(s) that is tagged with that word!

In the comments section, you can now add you picture! This is a nice little function that works on many pages. You just go to www.gravatar.com and register your e-mail, upload a picture, and you are ready to go! Now every time you use your e-mail address in a comment section (that supports gravatar), your picture will come up! You can register as many e-mails that you want, and have different pictures!

In the “Pictures” tag on the top of my page you will be taken to the pictures on my www.flickr.com account! Here you can look around at my pictures in the album or you can see them in a slide show!

Stay tuned for more updates on www.espis.org

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Pictures up…

Posted by espenpre on 3:20 AM in My life, Singapore

Some pictures from Singapore are up @ my flickr account! You can see them here! Today we are going on a day trip to Malaysia.

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